"UNDERNEATH" Print 24x16
"UNDERNEATH" Print 24x16
"UNDERNEATH" Print 24x16
"UNDERNEATH" Print 24x16

"UNDERNEATH" Print 24x16

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24x16 Signed and numbered print of the original hand-painted acrylic piece owned by the artist, Bo Rinehart. 

"Underneath" paints a face to the torrent of thoughts and emotions that lie below the presentation we offer to the world for the sake of function.
In 2021, on "World Mental Health Day", I shared a photo of this piece as I reflected on my mental health journey. Awareness of mental health is as important to me now as it was then, maybe even more so.  

Through the awareness I've gleaned from others, I have found strength and hope and I want to encourage others who might connect to my story and this artwork to make their mental health a priority. 
"Underneath" was created in 2021 during a 2 a.m. moment of restless rumination. 

 Later that afternoon, I wrote these lyrics…

“I wish it would bleed
Cause maybe then you could see
But the pain I’m in is so much further underneath
Yeah, I wish it would break
So maybe then you could hear
Cause there’s nothing worse than to have a voice then to have it disappear
And maybe I want it to die
Cause there’d be nowhere to hide
And then everyone would know just how much hurt I have inside”
I knew that those lyrics were more likely just a journal entry that I would explore with my therapist as opposed to a song that would ever see the light of day. However, I did want to let you in on a simple message that I am thankful for learning these last couple of years.
“You are not alone.”
Even when you feel like no one could ever understand…. or you’ve been completely isolated, or betrayed. When the truth is upside down or everything feels lost. When no one else sees you. You are not alone………
MUSIC //////////////. BREAKDOWN (voice memo) by @coyroy.co
“This is not a breakdown
It’s a breakthrough
Some things in life weren’t meant to hold
It’s ok to come unglued
This is not just a war cry
It’s a call out for something new….”

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All pieces ship out of my studio in Brentwood, TN.